Proper Care and Feeding For Your Lawn Garden

By Korbin Newlyn

When it comes to ensuring that the landscape that surrounds you home is in perfect condition, one of the main factors that needs to be handled is the lawn garden area. It is crucial that right kind of maintenance is completed on a regular basis to maintain the back as well as the front lawn and to keep the garden healthy and appearing at it’s best, because in in the majority of instances, the lawn is the most prominent and most visible facet of a property .

Watering and Moisture

Watering the lawn and garden is one of the most crucial elements of solid lawn maintenance. In some sections of the country, where there is enough rain, the roots are well supplied with water. But even in what may be considered waterlogged areas, such as the Pacific Northwest, there are periods of excessively dry weather and no rain. When this occurs, it is critical for the survival of lawns they are properly watered.

The early sign of your lawn, garden are in a state of drought, is when the grass begins to show some subtle changes in color. First, you will notice the change in color from a deep green to that of a lighter green. As the problem worsens, the lawn can start taking even on a straw-colored and finally turn brown if the moisture problem is not corrected.

The most ideal time of day to water a lawn or garden is while the temperature is at it’s coolest of the day. This means that starting the lawn sprinkler very early in the morning or evening after sunset is the most ideal time. Experts in lawn garden also point out that the rotary sprinklers furnish better coverage if you do not have a sprinkler system that is built into your lawn for maintenance.

In the majority of cases, it is best to water your lawn only one time a week, unless the weather is very hot or very dry. When you are completing your weekly watering chores, you can put an empty tuna can on the grass and let the water run into it until it is completely filled. This will assist you in knowing when you have watered enough to give the roots the right amount of moisture while not over watering. By watering with this type of method it will also help your lawn to develop a root system that is deep and that will also help them to survive longer periods of drought.

Feeding Your Lawn With Fertilizer

Another facet of maintaining your lawn and garden is the use of proper fertilizer as well as weed control. Proper fundamental maintenance methods and practices will go a long way in keeping the lawns of your garden and home healthy, flourishing and with as few weeds as possible. Spring is the most ideal time to fertilize lawns as that is the time when the grass is “waking up” and will require the additional nutrients that are contained in the fertilizer to ensure a healthy rate of growth. The best garden lawn fertilizers will be a combination of nitrogen, phosphate as well as potash.

The majority of the time, it is wise to follow up the Spring fertilizing of your lawn garden with an additional round of fertilization in the summer. Also, It is a good idea to use a mixture of fertilizers containing herbicides made to kill weeds to help keep these weeds at a minimum. A properly fed and flourishing healthy lawn helps you get beautiful lawns that surround your house and garden during the growing season.

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